Jamieson Memorial UMC (Clarksville, VA.)

Phase 2 In-Person Worship Plan

The Healthy Church Team (HCT) has met and developed a safety plan based on the Technical Assistance Manual (TAM) - Virginia UMC Conference.

 The HCT team consists of these members of the church:

 Eloise Sloan - Lay Leader

John Gilmore - Trustee

Linda Keene – Medical

Bev Chestnutt – Worship Team

Joanne Gilmore – Admin Council

Debbie Garcia – Staff

Robin Wilson - Education

Sam Chung – Pastor


According to the conference, the following rules and protocols “are not recommendations and they are not optional”!

1. No clergy, member, guest, or volunteer will be allowed to attend in-person services if he/she has:

Had two or more symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days

Come in contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days

Had symptoms of Covid-19 and waiting either for test results or the symptoms to subside

Tested positive for Covid-19 and/or is suffering from the virus

2. The congregation will be asked to skip at least one space between cars in the parking lot so that social distancing of 6’ or more can be accomplished while exiting and entering the vehicles.

3. Face Coverings (covering the nose and mouth) will be worn by everyone, including the pastor, from the time of leaving the car until returning to the car. Congregants will need to bring their own hand sanitizer and face masks.  Bandanas work fine. If someone is unable or unwilling to wear a face covering, that person cannot attend in-person services in this stage or any stage where face coverings are required.   Any children that can comply with these (and all other protocol) requirements are welcome. Families with children will be asked to sit near an exit should the child remove their face covering. This allows the parent/guardian to remove the child from the service, if necessary.  The child and parent/guardian that leave cannot come back in once they leave over a face covering issue.

4. The church will comply with all physical distancing requirements including proper physical distancing in the sanctuary, parking lot, restroom areas, and the fellowship hall. Every other pew will be left vacant, meaning each person will have an empty pew in front of them. The attendees will be informed to sit at each end of the available pews and the ushers will ensure that social distancing is in place.  Family members may sit together.

5. Health Acknowledgement Form Posters will be posted at each church entrance. As people arrive, each person will read the poster and acknowledge their health to a greeter who will record their name and contact information.  Individuals must do a pre-attendance temperature check before leaving for the worship service.  Persons with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or that are sick should stay at home.  The greeter will have a contactless thermometer should attendees not have that information.

6. All other public health reminder signs will be displayed, inside and out, so they are visible to everyone before entering the building.

7. Greeters, ushers and tellers will wear disposable gloves and face masks.

8. There will be no singing, no handshaking, no hugging, no Sunday School, and no fellowship time. Weddings, baptisms and funerals may occur but must comply with the in-person worship requirements found in the TAM document.

9. The church will be cleaned and disinfected by the custodian before each worship service following cleaning guidelines in the TAM. The pastor and other church members may be asked to help with cleaning and oversight if the need arises.

10. No bulletins will be provided.  The order of worship will be emailed out to those with an email address so that attendees will have a copy of the order of worship. Attendees may bring their own hard-copy printout of the worship itinerary and will be expected to take them home with them.

11. The pastor will come early and remain in the pulpit area until everyone has left the church. Communion (pre-packaged) will be offered following all protocols in the TAM document.

12. The pastor and all volunteers will be screened before each service and asked the Health Acknowledgement Form questions to ensure they are not ill.

13. Certain areas will be closed off using rope or tape. All hymnals, Bibles and all worship materials have been removed from the sanctuary.  Touchable items have been reduced. There are no water fountains in the building. There will be one location where congregants can drop off their tithes and offerings. No one will touch these contributions except the teller.

14. The bathrooms will have limited use, mostly in the case of an emergency.  Persons using the restroom will wipe down the commode, sink and doorknob with a disposable bleach-based disinfectant after use.

15. At the end of the service, usher(s) will dismiss attendees by row to maintain social distancing.  Attendees will be expected to go directly to their cars on exiting the building.  There will be no fellowship time, food or drink provided.

16. These issues will be explained to our congregants through emails and regular mail. All HCT members will be available to answer questions by the congregants.

17. We will close the service if someone is not willing to obey any and all protocol requirements. Should a breach of these rules occur, the pastor will end the worship service and everyone will be asked to leave the building.  All efforts will be made to keep our congregants safe from the virus.

  Submitted by:

 Jamieson Memorial UMC HCT






Phase 2 Non-Worship Meeting Plan

Following the requirements provided by the Virginia Conference, non-worship meeting coordinators will advise attendees to check their temperature prior to coming and that the procedures listed below will be done when conducting meetings in the Jamieson Memorial meeting rooms:

Parking instructions - Maintain one open space between cars. Wear face covering when exiting the vehicle. Keep social distancing when entering church buildings.

1. The coordinator of the meeting will advise attendees to read the health assessment posted on the back entrance of the church, or the entrance to the Fellowship Hall.  (The coordinator will be provided with the file to print and have on-hand in the room.) . If an attendee has less than FOUR “yes” responses they should not enter the building. 

2. The meeting coordinator will mark down attendees on an attendance sheet (eliminates sharing of pen) with contact info (name, phone number).  Should someone have COVID symptoms after a meeting, other attendees can be notified.  The attendance sheets must be provided to the church office to keep securely on file – this can be placed in the Admin Council mailbox in the main church or put under the office door.  Groups with a need for anonymity can provide their list to the Pastor in a sealed envelope with the meeting date and group name on the outside, coordinators name and contact info inside. Determining who could use the info in case of an outbreak can be coordinated with the church office.

3. All attendees MUST wear a mask.  If someone doesn’t wish to wear their mask they are to be asked to leave. If someone removes his/her face covering during the meeting, they will be asked to put the face covering back on. If the person refuses, the meeting will be stopped, and everyone will leave.

4. Social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained to include seating being sufficiently far enough apart.

5. The maximum number of people in attendance at one time cannot exceed 50 people.

6.  Restroom protocol - Person will wipe down commode and sink with a bleach-based disinfectant after use.

7. There will be no food or drinks prepared for/during meetings.

8. Upon completion of the meeting, high contact areas, such as tables and chairs, handrails, bathrooms, doorknobs and counter tops will be wiped down with disinfectant sprays or wipes.

These protocol rules are “not recommendations and they are not optional”.

These procedures must be followed until Virginia Conference issues a Phase 3 plan resulting in a Jamieson Memorial Phase 3 Non-Worship Meeting Plan, or it is entirely rescinded upon notice by the church.

Youth Sunday School: (suspended until further notice)
6th to 12th grade students
We meet in the Parlor at 9 am 
Youth Ministries: 
  • NEW Children's Choir started February 3rd

Recycling:  There is a white trash can in the breezeway for recycling alumninum cans and a trash bin in the parking lot each Sunday.  See Hank Immel if there are questions.

Bible Study:  (Suspended until further notice.) Bible Study has restarted on Tuesdays at 7PM and Wednesdays at 1PM  meeting in the Sunday School Room.